Elemis - バス 80%以上節約 お気にいる シャワー

Elemis - バス&シャワー

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Elemis - バス&シャワー

Elemis - バス&シャワー (76019468)

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Cool-Down Body Wash
An invigorating amp; revitalizing shower gel
Enriched with a hydrating blend of Birch Sap amp; Mango-derived cleanser to wash away dirt amp; grime
Formulated with Magnesium, Arnica Montana Flower Extract amp; ultra-cooling Menthol
Infused with aromatic oils of Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus amp; Thyme to deliver an uplifting fragrance
Leaves body feeling soft, smooth, refreshed, re-energized amp; revived from head-to-toe
Ideal for use after exercises

内容量: 200ml/6.7oz
メーカー/原産地: GB

SKU ID: 268530

Elemis - バス&シャワー

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